Orbi Wifi - As important as having electricity at home

If you think about it, wifi is as important in your home as electricity.

In the modern home, nearly every electronic device is reliant on your home network connection. To avoid this congestion of data, you should upgrade to Orbi Wifi-6 for faster, reliable connections everywhere at home, especially with the uptake in Work From Home and Home-Based Learning.

Bring your home to 2021 and get everyone well connected to the internet highway.

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WiFi Instant Captive Portal for Retail, Hotel and Education Use Cases

Guests not only want WiFi, but in many cases need it — and expect their host to provide it. A Captive Portal is one the best way to safely and efficiently connect guest devices to your business via WiFi for the last few dozen meters of connectivity in the modern world. In my previous blog, Guest WiFi Should be Safe, Secure and Useful, on NETGEAR...
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