NFT's on Meural

No other digital frame offers the same viewing experience – art, video and photography rendered lifelike and textured. Displaying your NFTs is easy. Upload and enjoy a palatial digital experience to enrich your home and inspire your guests.
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Orbi Wifi - As important as having electricity at home

If you think about it, wifi is as important in your home as electricity.

In the modern home, nearly every electronic device is reliant on your home network connection. To avoid this congestion of data, you should upgrade to Orbi Wifi-6 for faster, reliable connections everywhere at home, especially with the uptake in Work From Home and Home-Based Learning.

Bring your home to 2021 and get everyone well connected to the internet highway.

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Placement of your Orbi Satellites

Where do I place all these Orbi units or Satellites?

When we talk about a customer’s home ‘environment’, we are referring to the space between the nodes, layout of the home, thickness of walls in between, electrical equipment that could cause interference in the WiFi network.

For this reason, we may ask for your home floorplan or a quick sketch to better understand the layout and considerations needed to set up the optimal mesh network.

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