Orbi Pro setup guide for Singtel TV Users

For Subscribers using Optical Network Terminal (ONT): Required VLAN Tagging configuration. Steps to configure VLAN Tagging: Launch a web browser from a computer or mobile device that is connected to the your Orbi Network. Go to orbilogin.com or orbilogin.net Enter your username and password Username: 'admin' Password: Password that have b...
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8,000sq feet layout - Conquered by Orbi WiFi-6 Mesh (RBK859) Custom Bundle

“I need WiFi for my 8,000sq feet house, and read online that Netgear Orbi would be my best bet” One of the most recent success stories for our technical team has been that of a custom Orbi Mesh WiFi-6 Ultimate Performance - AX6000 (RBK859) set, created for a customer who was looking to moving into their new single-level almost 8,000sq feet penth...
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Placement of your Orbi Satellites

Where do I place all these Orbi units or Satellites?

When we talk about a customer’s home ‘environment’, we are referring to the space between the nodes, layout of the home, thickness of walls in between, electrical equipment that could cause interference in the WiFi network.

For this reason, we may ask for your home floorplan or a quick sketch to better understand the layout and considerations needed to set up the optimal mesh network.

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How to set up your Orbi System

To set up your Orbi WiFi System:

Download the Orbi app from orbi-app.com and launch it.

  1. The first time you launch the app, you are asked to create a NETGEAR account. Your NETGEAR account allows you to register NETGEAR products, post to the NETGEAR Community, and receive email support and product offers.

  2. After you log in, tap GET STARTED!
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