End of Service for Home Products

NETGEAR discontinues support and maintenance firmware releases, including security updates, for certain technologically obsolete home products that have not been manufactured for three or more years, or longer where required by law.

This policy allows us to focus investments on supporting newer technologies and great new experiences. End of service dates do not change products’ limited warranty periods.

For these reasons, if your product’s model and version number is past its end of service date, we recommend that you purchase the latest version or a newer, more advanced product. All versions of products listed are end of service unless otherwise noted by version number.

As part of Singapore IMDA requirement, we listed the End of Service Date (EOS) for below models -

Models EOS Date
RAX30 31-Mar-2025
RAX50 31-Mar-2025
RAX70 31-Mar-2025
RAX200 31-Mar-2025
RBK50 31-Mar-2025
RBK53s 31-Mar-2025
RBK352 31-Mar-2025
RBK353 31-Mar-2025
RBK752 31-Mar-2025
RBK753 31-Mar-2025
RBK852 31-Mar-2025
RBK853 31-Mar-2025
RAX43 25-Sep-2025
MK62 (MR60 + 1x MS60) 25-Sep-2025
MK63 (MR60 + 2x MS60) 25-Sep-2025
RBK762S 10-Jan-2026
RBK763S 10-Jan-2026
RBK862S 10-Jan-2026
RBK863S 10-Jan-2026
RBK862SB 10-Jan-2026
RBK863SB 10-Jan-2026
MK73S 30-Jan-2027
MK72S 30-Jan-2027
RAXE300 30-July-2027
MK92 30-July-2027
LM1200 31-Dec-2027


Note: You can check your product’s model and hardware version on the label on the product. If no version is shown, that means the product is version 1 or “v1.”