NETGEAR Installation Services

Our technicians are standing-by to help you ensure that your new Netgear purchase is working optimally and you are satisfied with your upgrade!
We have two services you may choose from:

FREE Online Installation Guidance for your new NETGEAR WiFi Mesh or Router purchase:

Online Guidance

Book a FREE Online Guidance session with our technicians, so they can personally guide you through the straightforward setup process, and ensure your new NETGEAR WiFi Mesh System or Router is operational, and configured correctly for your home.  

PAID On-Site Installation (or complimentary through Retail Store promotion) at your residence:

On-Site Installation

Book a PAID On-Site installation session, and our technician will arrive at your home to unpack, wire up your new NETGEAR WiFI Mesh System or WiFi Router, and ensure it is operational and configured correctly for your home, as well as placed most optimally for best connections throughout your home.

Terms and Conditions:
Online and On-site installation services are provided by the local service center and regional distributor - Kaira Global, and may be subject to changes or rescheduling during busy periods, or unforseen events like social-distancing restrictions. We seek your understanding during these uncertain times.
Please note that our technicians may be limited to these 30-minute (online guidance) or 60-minute (on-site installation) slots. While we should be able to complete during this time, we may contact you to schedule a follow-up in the case of any unforeseen circumstances. 
On-site installation in Singapore is limited to basic unboxing, wiring up, powering on, placement of Netgear products, some additional LAN wiring through existing data points in the home, and software configuration. Our technicians will not be involved in any major installation procedures like installing wall-mounts, drilling or hacking, handling of power lines or circuitry or items that do not come in the Netgear product packaging.