Pro WiFi Design & Consultation

Ever wonder what does WiFi heatmap do? And is it important when setting up your Business WiFi Network?

• Every building structure are built differently. With different thickness of concrete wall, pillars and partition, it greatly affects the WiFi signal coverage and strength.

• It is essential to get the right products and installed professionally to save cost, increase productivity and efficiency. With a WiFi heatmap, it gives business owner an overview of the potential problematic areas and resolve it with the right product placement.

Plan Efficiently

We will design and customized networks placement accordingly to your requirements and building structure with simulated heatmaps and validate with real-world testing.

Visualize your network

We will optimize your network with Scientific tools instead of assumption.
And provide easy-to-understand heatmaps for business owner to visualize the end result of the network performance and WiFi signal levels.


We will detect and rectify WiFi coverage deadzones/weak spots to ensure optimized performance throughout the network vicinity.

Creating WiFi Heatmaps for Wireless Site Surveys

Heatmaps plays a critical role in simulating and deciding the final placement of Access Point (AP).
Procedures for the setup includes:

Designing > Analyzing > Optimizing > Troubleshooting

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