Blanket your home with WiFi using Ceiling mount Access points from Netgear

As we continue to integrate technology into every facet of our lives, the importance of a high-quality Wi-Fi network becomes ever more apparent, proving to be as essential as the electricity that powers our devices. If your home is scheduled for renovation, you can plan cat 6 Lan cabling from your ISP fiber termination point to the ceiling of each room. The Netgear WAX628 Access points will be powered by a MS108EUP POE+ switch (no need for individual power points). Since WAX628 has 2.5Gbe port and the MS108EUP is a multi-gig switch, your entire network with be on ultra-fast 2.5Gbe Lan speed.

Netgear WAX628 Access Point Bundle


The Netgear WAX628 is an advanced wireless access point meticulously crafted to cater to the connectivity needs of medium to large-sized homes. It stands out with its capability to deliver Wi-Fi speeds of up to 5400Mbps, ensuring that every corner of your home is blanketed with fast and reliable internet. This device is at the forefront of technology, embracing the latest Wi-Fi 6 standards, which translates to a significant boost in network performance, expanded capacity, and heightened efficiency.

Key advantages of using Access Point Networking solution.

  1. Extended Coverage: Access points extend Wi-Fi coverage beyond a single router, ensuring consistent signal strength throughout the house.
  2. Improved Performance: Multiple access points distribute the load, preventing congestion and providing faster internet speeds. Each WAX628 access point can support upto 75 concurrent users which ensures all your devices including iOT devices are well supported.
  3. Seamless Roaming: Devices switch between access points seamlessly as you move around, without interruptions. The Netgear Insight app empowers end users to manage their networks efficiently, anytime and anywhere.
  4. Guest Networks: Create up to 8 separate networks with dedicated SSID for your iOT devices, Children, Priority devices and for Guests.
  5. Security Features: Access points offer encryption and access controls to protect your network.
  6. Flexibility: Easily add or relocate access points based on your needs

In conclusion, the Netgear WAX628, when integrated with the MS108EUP PoE switch, transforms into an even more powerful solution. This combination is ideal for homeowners who prefer a sleek, ceiling-mounted setup to achieve extensive wireless coverage. It’s a strategic choice for those who demand uninterrupted connectivity for streaming, gaming, and smart home devices. The Netgear WAX628, paired with the MS108EUP PoE switch, offers a seamless online experience, making it a superior choice for a modern, connected home. 🌐🏡

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You can choose your bundle based on the number of rooms that you need to cover.

NETGEAR WiFi 6 Wireless Access Point Bundle (3 x WAX628 + 1 x MS108EUP)

NETGEAR WiFi 6 Wireless Access Point Bundle (4 x WAX628 + 1 x MS108EUP)

NETGEAR WiFi 6 Wireless Access Point Bundle (5 x WAX628 + 1 x MS108EUP)

NETGEAR WiFi 6 Wireless Access Point Bundle (6 x WAX628 + 1 x MS108EUP)