Case Study - RBK856 improves WiFi for multi-storey Bungalow in Clementi, Singapore

“We had a number of blind spots due to the unique design of our home, and our previous Linksys VELOP system just was not able to match our expectations. The system was troublesome, tedious, and a hassle.

We're extremely happy with the service provided by the Netgear team – with personalized consultation, creating a custom Orbi WiFi-6 Mesh bundle for our setup, installation service, and rigorous testing.

The new network connections are now way faster and the children have nothing to complain about.”

Customer A: 

“We were using an old Linksys VELOP Mesh system in AP mode with our old router, and a network switch. We used this for a while but found that this setup was not able to give us the full speed from our Fiber-Optic point. Additionally, one of the data points failed which was the last straw, pushing us to upgrade to a new WiFi system. Our old system was troublesome, tedious, and a hassle.

“We had read some reviews of the Netgear Orbi Mesh Systems and decided it was just what we needed, so we reached out to the support team and explained out predicament.”

Like any customer would do in her situation, Customer-A bought and set up a Velop Mesh (in AP mode), with a network switch. Despite this setup, Customer A's pain-point was that the speed and coverage was not adequate to cover the entire home with reliable WiFi. In addition to the inadequate WiFi, she needed to change over multiple WiFi networks with different names and WEP passwords whenever she moved to different part of the house. This setup had proved to be troublesome, and simply not good enough.

Reading up more on Orbi Mesh's fantastic coverage and speeds, she reached out to our technical team for a free online consultation.


Customer A's house in Clementi was a complex layout that was over 20 years old, with multiple floors and rooms spread across each floor. Our technician did a site-visit and noticed the various data points located throughout the home. He decide to take advantage of Orbi's Wired Backhaul feature through these data points (Bedroom 2 and Dining hall), ensuring there were no WiFi-deadzones in the home. 

  • Bedroom 01 contains the Optical Network Terminal. The RBR850 Router is based here.
  • From the RBR850 router's 4x Ethernet ports, LAN cable connects to bedroom 02 and Dining Hall for wired backhaul connection.
  • This house has a patch panel/distribution board that connects data points throughout the entire house.
  • Only a few selected few data points are used for the Orbi satellites (Bedroom 02 and Dining Hall).

  • Bedroom 03 can have one RBS850 Satellite wirelessly connected to Level 2 RBS850 satellite, due to the close proximity and fewer obstructions.
  • Dining Hall RBS850 is connected through LAN cable to the Router RBR850 through a datapoint. Thanks to this, full WiFi speeds reach Level 1, and WiFi range is enough to cover Entrance hallway, Dining Hall and Kitchen area.

  • This RBS850 located in-between 2 bedrooms is connected wirelessly to the Dining hall's satellite (Via Wireless Backhaul) and receives good signal strength, since the Dining Hall's satellite is connected via LAN cable.

"Good WiFi, Good Life"

After understanding the house layout, floorplan and typical WiFi usage of the household, our team created a custom bundle of:
  • 1x Orbi WiFi-6 (AX6000) Router
  • 5x Orbi WiFi-6 (AX6000) Satellites.

Our Netgear Technical team analyzed the layout of the house and strategized the most ideal location for the Orbi Router and Satellites to ensure little-to-no interference or deadzones, as well as providing adequate coverage for all WiFi devices. This strategic placement also ensures all devices have good strong connections with all nodes in the network, and there are no areas with weaker coverage, no matter the house shape or size.

With the Orbi WiFi-6 router wired up to the ONT/ONR directly (compared to AP mode), the Orbi Mesh WiFi system gets access to 100% of the available internet bandwidth, where the earlier router was proving to be a bandwidth-bottle-neck.

Utilizing existing data points, Satellites were set up in remote corners of the house, providing higher internet speeds even in far rooms of the house that even WiFi extenders can't match up to.

Key considerations: 

Why Orbi WiFi-6?

The year 2020 brought about a massive shift in work culture, emphasizing the requirement for decent WiFi system at home that can handle day-to-day usage. A typical household has parents working from home, telecommuting and teleconferencing throughout the day, as well as children logged in to online lessons and classes or gaming and watching shows through popular streaming services. 

Customer A's single-unit router and Velop mesh were not able to satisfy the WiFi demands and increased bandwidth load. The increase in internet usage, in addition to having setup that was struggling to deliver reliable WiFi throughout the complex home floorplan pushed Customer A to consider a more appropriate WiFi setup. 

“Wi-Fi 6 provides 4x Faster WiFi, and more bandwidth compared to previous WiFi-5 generation.” 

WiFi-6 boasts up to 4x faster speeds, 4x more bandwidth, as well as 40% higher throughput. This technology is an essential upgrade for houses that have moved from single-computer households, to families who have 1-3 smart devices per family member, as well as smart devices like fridges, washing machines, home automation devices, and wireless security systems.

Why Orbi Mesh?

Orbi Mesh comes together as a network with multiple nodes on the same SSID and network password. With this setup, Customer A no longer needed to switch between WiFi networks when she is on different floors or in different rooms of the house. This is the best solution for the customer who prefers a hassle-free and straightforward network solution across a large area.

Thanks to the structure of the Mesh topology Orbi uses, and the considerably more powerful CPUs in all nodes, higher bandwidth's can be achieved across both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz network frequencies, spread across multiple nodes, compared to a single router with weaker processing power. This improved network management style handles a larger number of devices more effectively, and allows for minimal to no lag or shortage of bandwidth, compared to a single router setup.


Customer A: “We're extremely happy with the Netgear bundle that Prasenjit put together for us and to YY who patiently planned and troubleshot the new system, and ensured many times over that the satellites were all working. The network connections are now way faster and the children have nothing to complain about.”

At the end of the day, we are consumers who also have intensive WiFi requirements, and we want a product that works for our environment and meet our demands. We regularly talk to customers who have been silently suffering terrible WiFi, not knowing that WiFi systems exist outside of the stock unit your ISP provides you.

With our dedicated team on-the-ready, our customers can feel safe and trust our technicians’ opinion when it comes to selection of the perfect home WiFi solution.


For all of you who are still wondering which home WiFi solution to purchase, feel free to chat with our agents who provide the best consultation and recommendation specific to your Home and wifi requirements.