CNA - Singapore's first customised broadband service that offers fuss-free connections on every level

Singapore's first customised broadband service that offers fuss-free connections on every level
Singtel Home Priority plans equip large homes of up to 10,000 sq ft with strong Wi-Fi signals, so you can stay connected whichever part of the house you are in. Photos: Singtel

Singtel's value-for-money Home Priority plans give you dependable Wi-Fi whether you’re in the attic or by the pool.

The Internet is life and Wi-Fi its lifeblood. With the pandemic keeping many people in their homes, an increasing number are relying on the Internet to maintain their sanity – mostly by keeping in touch with loved ones or finding entertainment. Even as safe management measures are loosened, the consumption for online content continues to rise, spurred on by streaming entertainment, online games and now, the metaverse.

While those living in smaller two-bedroom apartments may not have issues getting a good Internet connection throughout their home, those living in larger houses may find it a challenge. Singtel’s Home Priority plans offer larger and multi-storey houses a value-for-money solution with premium equipment, bespoke installation and priority access to customer care at just S$128 a month.


Erratic Wi-Fi is tricky to overcome, especially if you live in a larger or multi-storey house. While the standard router can maintain connectivity for a few rooms, signals may start to drop significantly when you move between floors because of complex building materials like reinforced masonry, timber and even metal.

With its Home Priority plans, Singtel introduces a superior mesh Wi-Fi network into homes for seamless connectivity. When you sign up for plans with the Netgear Orbi Mesh (S$128 per month) or the Singtel Mesh Extenders (S$88 per month), you get an updated system with four Wi-Fi mesh units that decentralises your connection node.

To put it simply, this system replaces one point of Wi-Fi broadcast with several points. And unlike traditional routers that transmit weaker signals the further you move from one or when you move across levels, multiple units in a mesh network create overlapping fields to ensure there’s no dead zone even in multi-storey or large spaces. This means you’ll always enjoy connectivity from your combined 2Gbps bandwidth on the single-fibre broadband network, with two dedicated 1Gbps fibre connections in the mapped area for uninterrupted Internet surfing.

connectionEnjoy seamless Internet connection when you work from home with Singtel's bespoke network set-up. 

Better suited for homes with multiple floors, the Singtel Home Priority Plus plan uses an optical network router reinforced by four units of Netgear Orbi Wi-Fi 6 Mesh with tri-band technology to achieve optimal coverage through the floors. For S$128 a month, users get stable connections for areas up to 10,000 sq ft, made possible by the Netgear Orbi Wi-Fi 6 Mesh units (worth S$1,398) that come bundled in the plan. As more choose to incorporate smart devices into their homes, the ability to pair up to 40 devices to their home Wi-Fi without affecting the network leaves generous room for upgrades.

On the other hand, the Singtel Home Priority plan at S$88 a month comes with four units of Singtel mesh extenders valued at over S$700, and is best for spacious single-storey houses. They mimic standard extenders but instead of having a different network for both router and extenders, the mesh variety utilises one network so you won’t experience drops or buffering as you move between zones covered by each mesh extender.  


Using a mesh network system can overcome traditional router gaps, but it might not be easy to install or maintain without professional help. Singtel’s Home Priority plans are handled exclusively by a dedicated team of network specialists who are ready to help at every step of the way.

With the Home Priority plans, one can enjoy a complimentary site survey of your home network infrastructure to check for details such as wiring compatibility and tricky building layouts. This step is crucial for multi-storey homes as unexpected elements such as aquariums, hidden metal walls or awkward configurations might affect the coverage. After the site survey, Singtel’s team of experts will recommend a customised set-up for your home to overcome such challenges, ensuring you an optimal set-up that maximises the equipment’s capabilities.

This entire consultation-to-installation process is designed to be a bespoke experience, during which Singtel’s network specialists will provide assistance and answer any questions you may have, even after your customised network is up and running. For future maintenance and troubleshooting, users will be glad to know help is just a call away.


On top of the guidance and personalised set-up process, Home Priority Plan subscribers will enjoy dedicated customer care service that gives them priority access to help at the hotline 1688 if they face issues with their Internet connections.

Whether one corner of the house is starting to show slow speeds or a device is not connecting properly, a quick call to the team will have them ironing out the kinks. Users can also feel assured that if the rare but more serious issues should arise, a technician will visit your residence within two hours to resolve the problem.

With such concierge-level services and superior Wi-Fi 6 tri-band technology outfitting your home, Singtel aims to ensure that your connection to the world will always be blazing fast and absolutely fuss-free.

Equip your large home with the new Singtel Priority plans at an unbeatable value, and surf without boundaries.

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