Netgear launches new Wi-Fi 6 Orbi mesh networking system at Sitex 2019

Netgear's popular lineup of Orbi mesh networking systems will soon get a new member that supports the latest Wi-Fi 6 standard.

For those not familiar with Wi-Fi 6, you can read Hardwarezone's guides here and here.

The new system is called the RBK852 and it is, to my knowledge, the first full Wi-Fi 6 mesh networking system to hit the market.

The design is instantly familiar but it has been updated so that it looks more futuristic and modern.

But more importantly, it's a tri-band AX6000-class mesh networking system. Its single 2.4GHz network can support speeds of up to 1,200Mbps while each of its two 5GHZ networks can handle speeds of up to 2,400Mbps.

Like past Orbi systems, the new RBK852 will support both wired and wireless backhaul.

In wireless backhaul mode, a single network will be dedicated for use, thus ensuring a consistent connection between the satellite node and the main router.

The RBK852 also features a single 2.5Gbps WAN port, enabling users to take advantage of their fast fibre connection.

Both the router and the satellite node will have four Gigabit Ethernet ports each which can be used to connect to other devices such as desktops, TVs, set-top boxes, and gaming consoles.

The Netgear Orbi RBK852 will be launching next week at Sitex 2019 and it's priced at S$1,099.

Images: Netgear. Written by Kenny Yeo for Hardwarezone.