8,000sq feet layout - Conquered by Orbi WiFi-6 Mesh (RBK859) Custom Bundle

“I need WiFi for my 8,000sq feet house, and read online that Netgear Orbi would be my best bet”

One of the most recent success stories for our technical team has been that of a custom Orbi Mesh WiFi-6 Ultimate Performance - AX6000 (RBK859) set, created for a customer who was looking to moving into their new single-level almost 8,000sq feet penthouse. This customer had subscribed to Singtel's 10Gbps plan, and intended to make full use of this.

This case is just one of the many custom systems that we have been able to assemble thanks to Orbi's modular and expandable capabilities. An added strength of the Orbi WiFi-6 AX6000 series is that it makes full use of the customer's 10Gbps plan available through Singtel fiber broadband package.

Maximum Coverage, Maximum Speed - A masterpiece of WiFi Connectivity


For reference- the typical Orbi RBK852 consists of 1 Router and 1 Satellite, and the Orbi RBK853 consists of 1 Router and 2 Satellites.

This custom setup dubbed – the Orbi RBK859 (1 Router + 8 Satellites) was assembled, set up, and deployed in the customer's home, after conducting a site-survey and inspection of the layout of the home, and gathering of requirements from the customer.

Our team took this time to also take note of any data-points around the property (RJ45 ethernet LAN ports installed on walls sockets).

As always- our key objective was to create a WiFi network for the customer, utilizing Orbi's strengths for FAST, RELIABLE WiFi.

Here is a video of the speedtest we conducted on the premises, after installation of this Orbi RBK859 bundle:

Below, you can see a diagram of the floorplan, and if you look closely it is quite evident that this space is not your typical house, but a VAST whole-floor layout with multiple rooms and walls. We knew that the Orbi Satellites needed to be spread out to give the best coverage.

From the legend we can see that of the 8 satellites from this custom Orbi RBK859 system, 6 of the satellites were connected using Wired Backhaul, and the remaining 2 satellites were set up wirelessly.

Our team configured this layout to ensure the highest speeds across ALL satellites in all corners of the home layout.

Thanks to Orbi's wired backhaul, each satellite is able to output extremely high internet speeds to all the devices in the room - even if it is quite far away from the main router. This is a clear advantage of using a Mesh WiFi system over simply setting up a Router with a collection of WiFi extenders, which do not even match the same output as the Router.

Below, you can see an illustration of how the WiFi coverage has been set up in such a way that the entire home is covered with high-speed WiFi

Orbi RBK859 coverage area in home.

Thanks to Orbi's unique design and advanced technology and hardware, each satellite is able to fully utilize both 2.4Ghz as well as 5Ghz frequencies for the various wirelessly connected devices in the surrounding area, while having a third frequency also at 5Ghz (for faster data speeds) to connect to other Satellites and receive internet connection from them.

With Wired backhaul, the router is connected via LAN cable to the Satellite which may be too far to receive a strong WiFi connection, ensuring that even over large distances, there is strong WiFi everywhere.

An additional benefit to this is that you do not need to worry about network switches or running additional cables for your wired computers or gaming consoles, as the Orbi Routers and Satellites all have LAN ports in the back of the unit, for you to connect your wired LAN-able devices.

This type of layout and deployment, while created specifically for this customer, is not restricted to this layout, or use-case. Customers residing in landed properties in the Bukit Timah, Novena, Orchard, Holland Village, Sentosa, Keppel or various other locations in Singapore can take advantage of the powerful hardware and software advancements of the Orbi Mesh WiFi series of WiFi systems, to make complete usage of their internet plans even at 1Gbps, providing stronger, faster and more reliable WiFi throughout the home.

With the lifestyle changes a lot of us have had to undertake the past 2 years with Work From Home, and Home Based Learning, there has been a drastic increase on the workload on everyone's home WiFi, and upgrading to a 1+1Gbps plan or 2Gbps plan or even 10Gbps plan through Singtel or other ISPs in the country can only be properly realised when the WiFi system is able to handle those speeds across your home network.

In simpler terms, one can't put jet-fuel into a lawnmower and expect it to win races. Similarly, even though you are currently subscribed to a 1Gbps plan, your stock AC router is not making full use of the connection to your internet service provider.

Netgear Orbi AX Premium range

With Netgear's Orbi AX series of products, you will immediately notice a massive difference in wireless speeds across your WiFi connected devices at home, even if you get the Orbi AX4200 or Orbi AX6000 systems meant for 2-4 room homes, compared to the custom bundle described in this particular case study.

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