StarHub launches 10Gbps UltraSpeed Broadband for subscription starting from today

Image source: StarHub.

StarHub has announced the launch of its UltraSpeed Broadband service that is based on the 10G-XGS-PON (Gigabit-capable Symmetric Passive Optical Network) standard.

With speeds of up to 10 times the speed and bandwidth of standard broadband services in Singapore, the company hopes that StarHub UltraSpeed will boost connectivity for households in this nationwide trial.

This will allow customers to enjoy faster speeds when engaged in bandwidth-hungry activities concurrently on multiple devices, such as livestreaming in high-definition, uploading 4K/8K videos online, video-conferencing, as well as transferring large files quickly on the cloud without straining the connection of shared users.

Johan Buse, Chief, Consumer Business Group, StarHub, said:

With UltraSpeed, we will deliver fibre broadband speeds to a new standard in Singapore, up to 10 times faster than what is currently available, and enhance the lives of our customers through non-stop digital innovation.

StarHub isn’t the only telco with a 10Gbps service with Singtel launching theirs last month. However, StarHub is moving from GPON to 10G-XGS-PON so the perceived speed bump is even higher. StarHub says that with the right networking equipment and optimal conditions, users could download a 1.5GB file in under two seconds.

Starting today customers can be among the first to hop on to StarHub UltraSpeed at S$119.90 monthly, which includes free delivery and installation of the network equipment. Customers who are keen to register their interest for an early trial can do so at Note that there are some early-bird offers right now.

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Written by KEN WONG / SENIOR TECH WRITER (HardwareZone)