The Best Mesh Routers of 2019

Does everyone congregate in one room of your house, trying to get the most out of your wireless router? Do you frequently field complaints that the wireless network is spotty at the far ends of your house? 

If so, then you need a mesh network. It takes your wireless signal and, through dedicated hardware, broadcasts it via discrete networks to mesh points that you place throughout your house. It’s a great way to make sure everyone has a great network connection, no matter where they are. 

Here are some of the best mesh routers of 2019:

#1 Netgear Orbi Voice

The Netgear Orbi Voice is unique in this list because it does more than just bathe your home in whole-house Wi-Fi. In my testing, I found the base unit, with its six antennas hidden inside, to be almost powerful enough to cover my home on its own. But plug in the mesh unit and suddenly you also have a full-fledged smart speaker with Amazon Alexa built in. Beyond just extending your network, Netgear’s Orbi Voice will shake the windows and answer your questions from just about any room in the house. The Orbi system also has Circle with Disney built in, so you can easily manage internet usage and filter content.


- Anthony Karcz

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