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On site installation

Technical support guy was patience and attentive. Understood issue and local setup. Finally able to resolve issue.

powerful wifi and good service

bought the 3 pcs Orbi. The account Randy Wu was very very helpful. the installation was punctual. Happy with the service and purchase.
The Wifi was so strong. Clinic staff love it.

thank you
Florence Koh

Great but pricey mesh router

Great speed, self installation was easy but encountered initial problem with satellite routers after firmware update.

perfect delivwry

the handler went for lunch but was alert enough to leave it at a corner so that other staffs can help. Good move

good to get the local power adapter on time

thanks for customer service.
good to get the local power adapter on time.

Netgear GS208

I trusted Netgear products that was why I bought it. Best design and reliability which I experienced for years.

good performance

better have local power plug or converter.


Switched out my linksys Velop mesh as the signal has been inconsistent and connectivity drops especially in the bedroom when doors are closed. The Orbi has been in used for about 3 days now and so far, the signal, connectivity., speed has all been fantastic. Hope it doesnt deteriorate with time.

My 3rd Orbi Mesh system. Highly recommended.

Easy to set up, very stable connections and options for future expansion. 2 thumbs up product!

A product worth buying

The purchase of RBK753 is a replacement of our old RBK20. I was shocked by significant improvement over the old device in terms of speed and coverage, which is something I did not anticipate. As rough estimate, the speed improvement is at least 4X faster than RBK20 with no change in fiber plan! The installation was easy, and synchronisation of satellites with the main router was so much simple, unlike previous devices where pressing of 'sync' button simultaneously at both the router and the satellite is required. I am extremely satisfied with its performance and would recommend those who need fast and seamless wi-fi network at home.

Good Performance

The antenna matches with my mr5200, the snr and signal quality is good given that is indoor.

ORBI RBK752 AX4200

Great product. I was really surprised how easy it was to setup the system on an existing internet connection. I expected complications but there was no fuss, no technical details or manual input configurations needed. It’s basically plug and play following the instructions in the box and on the app. Great speed and consistency so far. Happy with the product.

Great product !

Very fast delivery, item was delivered the next day. Product is easy to setup.

Perfect match

Very well matches with my Netgear M5 5G router as a pair.

home multiple access point network

Had 3 floors in my home to have internet coverage. Didn't want to have mesh system from my internet provider as it is pricey and bound to the IP.
Since my house has data line installed in all floors, I decided to get couple of WAX610 Cloud managed wireless access points and GS205 5 port Gigabit switch (should have more info on website what is in the box) to create multiple access points network like in a business/office.
Set them up using Netgear Insight App which was very easy and then physically installed them myself on the ceilings of my home.
My family and myself are very happy with the coverage and speed of internet on all 3 floors.
Also received prompt, useful and friendly advice from a support staff (Alvin) via email and phone call to discuss about network setup options and what hardware to purchase. Thank you.

Easy Installation and Use

Process was smooth, from easy installation to use. Wifi connection, signal reception and speed was good, the fastest among the various other USB adapters that I have used in the past.

Great Broadband Access Tuneup

Netgear's on-site engineer, Reeve, resolved our issues in a calm & competent manner.

Meural Canvas - Poor quality product

I first purchased a meural canvas from the meural singapore website on 2020-06-14.
On 2022-09-28, the unit developed a flickering problem and I reported it and had it replaced via warranty at Kaira.
Less than 6 months later on 24 March 2023, the same flickering problem developed.
The service center Kaira refused to allow me to replace the meural canvas again, as their policy seems to be only one replacement.
On the nether website it says that this problem could be due to power outage. My home has a centralised surge protector, and I don't have any other equipment that has developed this problem.

Hi Sir,

As this is a unique situation, we do not know if your centralised surge protector is causing the flicker. As a matter of goodwill, we will proceed to do the exchange with you.

Please bring the Meural Canvas down to Kaira RMA Service Center.


Great little product. Easy to configure and use.

ORBI RBK752 AX4200

After so many years finally got to purchase a such good quality router that really can deliver the kind of speed, with the installation assistance with their technicain everything works perfectly well now.

Thanks NetGear

RBK 763 Wi-Fi 6 Mesh

Fast delivery and great customer service. The Orbi Wi-Fi mesh system has greatly increased my home internet coverage. Allows me to enjoy better coverage with all my devices.

Netgear mesh system

The product has exceeded expectations when it comes to internet speed and reach. I was astounded with the reach capability especially since my room is located further away to the router than other rooms in the house. This has led me to have better streaming for shows, podcasts and even gaming. It has undoubtedly elevated my internet experience and I would recommend this product to anyone in a similar predicament.

On Site Installation & Support

Great support from the technical team and the installation engineer was very professional and helpful

Great 853 Mesh and excellent support staff

the orbi 853 is good mesh. cover 3 floors of my home perfectly. Most important , Alvin , the technician is very competent and knowledgeable and patient to handle many technicalities towards the other systems i have in placed.
highly recommended to have installation done by them

Same but not the same

I recently ditched my Google Nest. It was driving me up the wall with inconsistent performance and wifi signal was reduced to a miserable 2%, which made it impossible for all my devices to connect. I rely on my wifi at home a lot because I make my living on it. So a stable and high performing wifi is crucial for me.

I decided to replace my Google Nest with the RBK752. Initially I thought just 1 Satellite would be sufficient. But alas, I discovered it too suffer from a similar shortcoming as the Google Nest - the signals had problems penetrating the thick concrete walls in my apartment. I tried living with 1 Satellite for a few days but it didn't quite work for me. So I had to fork out another $379 for another Satellite.

The 2nd Satellite fortunately resolved the weak wifi signals, and now at least I'm enjoying a pretty consistent speeds of 200+/300+ Mbps from all my rooms. The consistent speeds are probably due to the dedicated backhaul channel.

All good for now.

I had high hopes before I purchased the RBK752, however those high hopes have now been tempered.

Hopefully the RBK752 will provide this level of connectivity for the next few years - or at least outlast the Google Nest which lasted about 2 years.